[tex-live] TeXlive6 - remarks

chlebikj@dcs.fmph.uniba.sk chlebikj@dcs.fmph.uniba.sk
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 15:42:17 +0200

Dear TeXLive team,

  I have tested very quickly TeXLive6 (version from July 2) under 
Windows98 (slovak and czech things). It looks very good, indeed 
(great job!!), but  the following mistakes appear:

1.) in the end, the instalation does not finish correctly:

Updating environment.
Environment: creating d:\TeX\bin\win32\setvars.bat
Environment: PATH = d:\TeX\bin\win32;%PATH%
Environment: TEXMFCNF = d:\TeX\texmf-var\web2c
Environment: modifying c:\autoexec.bat
creating shell link v
_\DVI Viewer.lnk...
    Path = d:\TeX\bin\win32\windvi.exe
    Show command = 1
      ...cannot Save() shell link object (80004005)


Results: The programs TeXLive.exe and TeXSetup.exe -- not 

After manual rebooting TeXLive menu from Start menu does not 
appear (and may be more things, which could be done after bug
does not work). But of course, it is possible to use tex,...

2) In the last window of TeXSetup wizard - after creating format 
files,... is written 
 Click Finish ...

But the possibilities are :
 Reboot, Cancel, ?? (I forgot:-) --- but no Finish button

3) There is wrong URL address for downloading WINEDT:

Copy F:\texmf\tpm\support\winedt.tpm to 
get_url_to_file failed!
Error: Failed to grab 
from the Internet!!!
Error: fail to install remote files for support/winedt.

4)   I choose to install winshell, but in fact two Winshells were 
(the first one in TeX  basic directory, the second one in the 
directory choosen during installation of Winshell -- the older 
version). From the startup menu the older version is running.
In this case, some things from documentation does not hold
(to replace yap with windvi,... - may be it will be better just to write:
delete old setting and call windvi... )

Copy F:\texmf\tpm\support\winshell.tpm to 
Special file F:\support\WinShell\WinShell20.exe has been found on 
local directory.
Running F:\support\WinShell\WinShell20.exe
Special file F:\support\WinShell\WinShell_2.1_beta.zip has been 
found on local directory.

unzip F:\support\WinShell\WinShell_2.1_beta.zip -d d:\TeX

Best regards,