Copying conditions for TeX Live 5c
Wed, 31 May 2000 11:12:06 +0200 (CEST)

How about the following changes to Art's text:

> TeX Live 5 is copyable under the terms of the Debian Free license. In
> this, it differs from TeX Live 4, which had several pieces of software
> that were distributed under a more restrictive license.

  Great care has been taken to ensure that the TeX Live 5 CD contains
  only software without restrictions on usage or redistribution.
  Specifically we have followed the "Debian Free Software Guidelines"
  (aka "Open Source").  Thus TeX Live 5 may, unlike TeX Live 4, be
  freely copied and distributed, and the full sources are available for
  all parts of the system for those who wish to see how it was put
  together or experiment with modifications.

> 1. How does this language suit the actual terms of the TeX Live 5
>    CD-ROM?

The above paragraph fits the actual terms better.

> 3. It would be nice to have a URL for the Debian license, since it is
> referred to.

There is no "Debian License" only the "Debian Free Software
Guidelines".  Good links include the pedagocical


and precise



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