Another comment on texlive-20000413.iso: Drop text1!

Wed, 10 May 2000 12:06:06 +0100 (MEZ)

Sebastian and Kaja,

this is a rather serious request:

Please keep the macro package text1 out of the distribution.

It is a rarely used and rather dead macro package. It comes with
additional fonts named "cm*" (eg. cmr11) which are buggy (The design
size claimed by the METAFONT sources is inconsistent with the x_height
of the fonts, instead of "14pt" it should be "14.4pt" etc.). The
text1 cm fonts have caused much of confusion in the past and they will
continue to do so.

Note, that the Sauter package can generate fonts with the same names,
but different metrics than the text1 package does.


J"org Knappen