Comments on texlive-20000413.iso

Sebastian Rahtz
Fri, 5 May 2000 16:36:38 +0100 (BST)

 > o a minor point: The texmf-var/fonts area is write-protected, such that xdvi
 > cannot write its pk files there
because you installed as root, I assume?

 > o the same is true for the file texmf-var/ls-R, such that the scripts cannot
 > update this file
hmm, I had better check the install file

 > o a minor remark on the directory layout: 
 >   What is the rationale to have both texmf/doc/fonts and texmf/source/fonts
 >   on the CD? The latter directory does not hold the sources (they are in
 >   texmf/fonts/source instead) but additional documentation, too. I suggest
 >   to unify texmf/doc/fonts and texmf/source/fonts in
 > texmf/doc/fonts.

conceptually, source/fonts has the equivalent of .dtx files

i'll look at it, thanks for pointing it out