Comments on texlive-20000413.iso

Fri, 05 May 2000 15:39:48 +0100 (MEZ)

Sebastian and Kaja,

here are a few comments on texlive-20000413.iso:

First of all, it installed smoothly and without any problems on my new 
Linux box. I installed it as root and now run it as normal user.

o a minor point: The texmf-var/fonts area is write-protected, such that xdvi
cannot write its pk files there

o the same is true for the file texmf-var/ls-R, such that the scripts cannot
update this file

o a minor remark on the directory layout: 
  What is the rationale to have both texmf/doc/fonts and texmf/source/fonts
  on the CD? The latter directory does not hold the sources (they are in
  texmf/fonts/source instead) but additional documentation, too. I suggest
  to unify texmf/doc/fonts and texmf/source/fonts in texmf/doc/fonts.
  If you do not want to unify the directories, I think, that at least
  the stuff in texmf/source/fonts/fc and texmf/source/fonts/ec should be moved
  to texmf/doc/fonts/fc and texmf/doc/fonts/ec respectively.

--J"org Knappen