Forwarded message from David L. Elliott

Sebastian Rahtz
Wed, 26 May 1999 13:22:01 +0000 (GMT)

 > The CDROM is readable on my Macintosh and SPARC-II (SUN-OS 4.14) systems,
 > but fails entirely (and with much fuss) to mount on my Windows95 computer.
 >   (I've checked the drive; it reads the TeXLive3 disc OK).
 > The serial number of the CDROM is 5B46-5B3A -- when inserted into the
 > Windows drive I get an error
 > screen saying the CDROM may need to be cleaned (and said serial number)

This does puzzle me, i admit. I haven't heard such an error report
before, and I hope we dont get any more

trying a replacement disk would be the obvious solution. It should, of 
course, work normally under Windows 95! must be some combination of
the physical drive in the PC and the copy of the CD

if you can get the Sparc to export the CD, and NFS mount it on the PC, 
you could proceed, but that would be rather roundabout....