TeX Live 4 available for ordering

Michel Lavaud lavaud.michel@wanadoo.fr
Wed, 19 May 1999 10:17:08 +0200

[Resending to list for art/patricia to send money details --karl]

Hello Karl,

Is TeX Live 4 not yet available, or did you send us 50 copies ?
If not, could you please send them when available to the address:

Association AsTeX
BP 6532
45065 ORLEANS cedex 2

Thank you very much in advance.

Could you please also tell me how much we have to pay, and to which bank
account to do the transfer of money ?

Thank you very much for everything !
>    providing financial support to software developpers (about 15000 FF
>   last year to some German and Russian developpers).
>That's great.  I wish we (TUG) did more of that!

I seize this opportunity to apologize for AsTeX association not having
given any money up to now for funding TUG conferences, nor any member of
the CA come to the TUG conferences (although we would be very glad to !) As
our resources are limited, we made the choice to help developers first.

Best wishes,