[metapost] New numbersystems for the graph package?

Densing Martin (PSI) martin.densing at psi.ch
Sat Feb 16 13:49:22 CET 2019

Dear metapost experts,

Many thanks to the metapost-coders for the introduction of the new numbersystems!

How can we ensure that the new numbersystems work with the existing, very helpful macros that are available with the usual TeX-disitributions? Most relevant would be the graph macros of John Hobby. Hence: Would it be possible to make the graph macros (and all the auxiliary macros, e.g. format etc.) work with all numbersystems?


"mpost -numbersystem=decimal test.mp" gives an error on the following file "test.mp", whereas just "mpost test.mp" runs smoothly. Version: MetaPost 2.000 (TeX Live 2017/W32TeX) on MS Windows.

File: test.mp
% 0  1.4
% 1  3.2
% 2  -4.5
% 3  8.0
% 4  9.0
% 5  4.0

% Data-file for graph can be included at beginning of source-file,
% because %<space>0 1.4 etc. is read by gdata marco until empty line

input graph

prologues := 3;
outputtemplate := "%j-%c.mps";

  draw begingraph(10cm,10cm);
    path p;
    gdata("test.mp", $, augment.p(i, scantokens $2););
    gdraw p;

-----------------end file

Metapost's log (if numbersystem=decimal):

! Logarithm of -7000.000523787821841175847573036896 has been replaced by 0.

This is just one of several issues, for example the auxiliary "format" macro has also problems with the new numbersystems.

Thank you very much for your help.


Paul Scherrer Institut 
Martin Densing

E-Mail: martin.densing at psi.ch

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