[metapost] Fwd: problem with mpost number of strings exceeded

Denis Roegel denis.roegel at loria.fr
Thu Mar 12 21:01:54 CET 2015

> hm is it possible to have an example ?

Sorry, it is actually a very complex document, and it is impossible to give a short example of the problem. 
However, I tried it on a more recent distribution, and it does compile. But I am still confused about 
what should be changed on the older distribution. Just for info, here are the stats on my recent distribution: 

Here is how much of MetaPost's memory you used: 
17757 strings out of 21427 
13840 string characters out of 89433 
1491323 words of memory out of 3000000 
681 symbolic tokens out of 16384 
9i,71n,17p,197b,4f stack positions out of 300i,84n,10000p,200b,15f 
532 string compactions (moved 6412359 characters, 3954253 strings) 
20 output files written: base111.1220 .. base111.1239 

I'll check the stats on the older distribution tomorrow. 

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