[metapost] Metapost btex etex problem

"Rothfuß, Ralf" Ralf.Rothfuss at hs-esslingen.de
Tue Jul 30 22:24:52 CEST 2013


I have a problem with the use of btex ... etex in MetaPost figures. Searching already for quite a while I found a lot of similar issues but unfortunately without a  solution.

The installation I am using is a recent installed TeX Live 2013 on Windows 8 (64bit) .  I used the install-tl-advanced.bat for installation (including "full scheme").

I want to  compile the following (reduced) example mpsimple.mp:

  draw (0,0)--(5cm,0) withpen pencircle scaled 1pt;
  label.rt(btex $A$ etex, (5cm, 0cm));
%% End

Trying to compile with "mpost  - -debug mpsimple.mp" I obtain the following message (compiling without - -debug or "mpost -tex=pdflatex mpsimple.mp" 
yields the same problem):

C:\tmp>mpost --debug mpsimple.mp
This is MetaPost, version 1.803 (kpathsea version 6.1.1)
(mpost.mp (c:/rt/texlive/2013/texmf-dist/metapost/base/plain.mp
Preloading the plain mem file, version 1.004) ) (./mpsimple.mpmakempx debug: ./mpsimple.mp: running command etex --parse
-first-line --interaction=nonstopmode mpa04972.tex
makempx debug: ./mpsimple.mp: renaming mpa04972.tex to mpxerr.tex
makempx debug: ./mpsimple.mp: renaming mpa04972.log to mpxerr.log
fatal: Command failed: etex --parse-first-line --interaction=nonstopmode mpa04972.tex; see mpxerr.logmakempx fatal: ./mp
simple.mp: Command failed: etex --parse-first-line --interaction=nonstopmode mpa04972.tex; see mpxerr.log

>> mpsimple.mp
>> mpsimple.mpx
! ! Unable to make mpx file.
l.10   label.rt(btex
                     $A$ etex, (5cm, 1cm));
Transcript written on mpsimple.log.

There is no mpxerr.log file. The file mpa04972.tex contains:


\gdef\stopmpxshipout{\egroup  \dimen0=\ht0 \advance\dimen0\dp0
  \dimen1=\ht0 \dimen2=\dp0
    \ifnum\dimen0>0 \vrule width1sp height\dimen1 depth\dimen2 
    \else \vrule width1sp height1sp depth0sp\relax
  \ht0=0pt \dp0=0pt \box0 \egroup}
\mpxshipout% line 10 ./mpsimple.mp

If I try to " etex --parse-first-line mpa04972.tex" or "pdflatex mpa04972.tex", everything looks fine:

C:\tmp>etex --parse-first-line mpa04972.tex
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.5-1.40.14 (TeX Live 2013/W32TeX)
 restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2011/06/27>
Babel <3.9f> and hyphenation patterns for 78 languages loaded.
Document Class: article 2007/10/19 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class
No file mpa04972.aux.
(./mpa04972.aux) )<c:/rt/texlive/2013/texmf-dist/fonts/type1/public/amsfonts/cm
Output written on mpa04972.pdf (1 page, 8363 bytes).
Transcript written on mpa04972.log.

The resulting mpa04972.pdf contains the letter A with a vertical bar on the right hand side of the A.

I don't have a clue. Can anybody please give me a hint? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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