[metapost] Typos in mplib api document

xiolyxioly xiolyxioly at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 07:34:17 CET 2012

Here are a few typos and unclear things I found:
>\section{Table of contents}
This means that “Introduction” actually becomes section #2. I suppose it should be section #1.
>\NC int \NC random_seed \NC 0 \NC set this nonzero to force a specific random seed\NC \NR
What are these random seeds used for? Why would I want to force a specific one?
>All confuration is done via the \type{MP_options} structure, 
Should be “configuration”.
>any output is redirect to this structure
Should be “redirected”.
>There will not be embedded zeroes in \type{data}.
Do you mean embedded “null” characters (\0) ?
>define functions that you can pass to \MPLIB\ insert the \type{MP_options} structure.
Should be “inside” the structure.
>The first arguments is the input file name. 
Should be “argument” (singular).
>it may not be the same as name of the actual file that is being used, 
Should be “same as the name”
>depending on how you your \type{mp_file_finder} function behaves. 
Should be “your”, not “you your”.
>\NC mp_math_double_mode \NC uses floating point data for numerical values \NC \NR 
What kind? C “float” types or C “double” types ?
>then its path has already been preprocessed for you. 
What does “processed” mean? Too vague.
None of the C examples show the fact that you have to pass an “input plain” command to mplib before you do anything else. Maybe this should be obvious, but I expect it will trip up quite a few people.
The document is much much better than the previous ones.

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