[metapost] Best way to go to outline font from MetaFont

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Mar 13 19:12:28 CET 2012

> Hello thanks for this reply.. However as I told you I'm a newbie here,
> and I did check tlmgr for the mf2pt1 package but it seems it is not
> there in either the installed or not installed package list. Does
> TexLive not include this? Please can you help me as to what I have to
> do to install it and use it in TexLive? I have downloaded
> mirror.ctan.org/support/mf2pt1/mf2pt1.pdf but it doesn't have anything
> specific to TexLive. Or should I ask this at the tex-live group?

The mf2pt1 script is not specific to TeXLive.  You install it in your
path, then you change to the directory with the MF files, and you
execute it to get a PostScript font.  Additionally, you can set some
environment variables to control execution of other tools which get
called as subprograms.


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