[metapost] Problem using LaTeX in MetaPost

Carlos Mallen varphi625-x at yahoo.com.mx
Tue Feb 7 20:53:10 CET 2012


If I understand correctly, this means that I won't be able to use LaTeX in MetaPost, right? At least not with MiKTeX 2.9.

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Carlos Mallén

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On 2012-02-07 at 19:06:12 +0100, Karel wrote:

> > This is TeX, Version 3.1415926 (MiKTeX 2.9) (preloaded format=tex 
> > 2012.2.7)  7 FEB 2012 10:28
> > **mp632087.tex

> Maybe version 1.504 of MP does not write the texfile correctly.
> Try to look in the corresponding file (you will find its name in 
> the log file), if %&latex would not be at the first line, then 
> perhaps try to find older MikTeX version of MP (1.212 works fine, 
> I hope).

Which program actually evaluates the %&latex line?

> > This is TeX, Version 3.1415926 (MiKTeX 2.9) (preloaded format=tex 
> > 2012.2.7)  7 FEB 2012 10:28
> > **mp632087.tex

This is obviously Knuth's TeX but the LaTeX format requires pdftex.  I
don't think the %&latex line can work here.  A better solution is to
make etex the default engine.  It's built upon pdftex too.

In TeX Live etex is the default engine indeed.  When I remove the
%&latex line, I get

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.12 (TeX Live 2011) (format=etex 2012.1.16)  7 FEB 2012 20:39
entering extended mode
restricted \write18 enabled.
%&-line parsing enabled.
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 \documentclass

So it's a bug in MiKTeX.


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