[metapost] mpost 1.504?

Karel akk64 at quick.cz
Thu Jul 7 20:53:24 CEST 2011

Hi, Taco and all metaposters,

using mp 1.504 I got the following strange announcement:

This is MetaPost, version 1.504 (kpathsea version 6.0.0)  7 JUL 
2011 09:22
**\nonstopmode; input pum2
(mpost.mp (d:/TeXlive/texmf-dist/metapost/base/plain.mp
Preloading the plain mem file, version 1.004))
! Emergency stop.
l.26 fontmapfile "+curr.map";

buffer overflow: (1025,1024) at file 
w, line 1194

Do not understand at all, but mp 1.212 compiles the file without 
any objection.

Karel Horak

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