[metapost] Positioning labels at a vertex

ymalik at stevens.edu ymalik at stevens.edu
Thu Nov 18 06:27:37 CET 2010

> label(btex $40^\circ$ etex, v - r*dir 20)
> then adjust r by hand. Note that dir 20 is right down
> the middle of the angle, which is probably where you
> want to center a label which is not much wider than
> it is tall. I started with an estimate of
> r = <height of label>/sind 40
> as r = 8pt/.7 or about 11, and then adjusted it up to
> r = 12. A change in u doesn't require any change in
> this value.
Thanks for the help, Dan.  This got me thinking on a more generic solution where I don't have to adjust r by hand.


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