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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Nov 12 09:33:59 CET 2010

On 11-11-2010 9:05, Dan Luecking wrote:
> As luamplib is basically a (lua)latex package, it seemed a good
> idea to find out what is making it fail with regard to
> elliptical pens, as reported by Dirk Laurie. (The suggestion to
> use context is basically a nonsuggestion for most latex users).

sure, but in a similar fashion the suggestion to check the latex variant 
is basically a non suggestion for a context user -)

afaik the suggestion was to check if the plain version works ok as that 
is what the latex one is probably derived from (which in turn is derived 
from an old context version, so futher checking can lead to there)

btw, the same is true for otf font handling: if there is a a problem in 
derived work then one can best check if the original has the same 
problem but there the maintainer of the latex otf package is familiar 
with context

> After a great deal of searching and experimentation I found the
> following fix (which would probably have been immediately obvious
> to an expert):
> In texmf-dist/tex/luatex/luamplib/luamplib.lua, change all occurance of
> luamplib.pen_info
> to
> mplib.pen_info

it depends ... one could have defined luamplib as alias of mplib or 
redefined pen_info someplace (the pen_info function has been introduced 
in later versions of mplib so your change now uses the built-in)


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