[metapost] Embedded METAPOST source?

Karel horakk at math.cas.cz
Sun May 16 19:03:45 CEST 2010

Wolfgang Schuster napsal(a):
> Am 16.05.10 18:52, schrieb Karel:
>>> Is it possible to include the .mp source directly in the .tex file? 
>>> And have it "just work"?
>> It is possible when using luaTeX:-)
> You don't need LuaTeX, ConTeXt can use inline MetaPost graphics also with
> pdfTeX and XeTeX. For LaTeX there is AFAIK the mfpicture package with
> the same function.
> Wolfgang

Ahh, sorry, you are right in some sense, but only luatex does it 
really directly without writing and reading separate files...


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