[metapost] Embedded METAPOST source?

Karel horakk at math.cas.cz
Sun May 16 18:52:28 CEST 2010

Patrick Rutkowski napsal(a):
> My usual workflow with TeX at the moment is to use put PlainTeX source in a .tex file, and then run it through pdftex(1).
> I'm really enjoying learning about using mpost(1) to compile .mp source into nice EPS files to include in the .tex with \convertMPtoPDF.
> However, keeping the .mp source in a zillion separate little .mp files is getting a bit annoying.
I do not fully understand why so many files are needed,
you can put as many pictures as necessary into only one source mp 

> Is it possible to include the .mp source directly in the .tex file? And have it "just work"?

It is possible when using luaTeX:-)

Enjoy tex!
Karel Horak

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