[metapost] metauml: Change font of state name

Konrad Feldmeier fiets at einstueckheilewelt.de
Tue Jun 1 18:05:16 CEST 2010

Sebastian Waschik <sebastian.waschik <at> gmx.de> writes:

> Hello,
> I like to change the font of a state-box in metauml.  The problem is,
> that I do not know the exact name.  Here is an example:
>   %A.info.iText.iFont.name := metauml_defaultFontOblique;
>   B.info.iName.iFont.name := metauml_defaultFontOblique;
> After reading the source code I thought iText would be right.  But it is
> not:
> >> A.info.iText.iFont.name
> >> "ptmro8r"
> ! Equation cannot be performed (numeric=string).
> <to be read again> 
> l.7 ...t.iFont.name := metauml_defaultFontOblique;
> I also tried: A.info.iFont.name, A.info.iName.iFont.name,
> A.info.iPict.iFont.name, and several other names.
> I use metauml 0.2.5 .


Same here with exception that I want to change the font size.
Did you find a solution?

>From what I understood in the source code (don't know which version this is or
how to obtain current sourcecode from sf-svn)

vardef StateInfo@#=
  var(color)   foreColor, borderColor;
  var(numeric) round;

  FontInfo.@#iFont(metauml_defaultFont, defaultscale);
  @#iFont.ignoreNegativeBase := 1;

a possible workaround could be to change the metauml_defaultFont or defaultscale
respectively - however I
(1) don't know how to acomplish that
(2) am afraid this is only a solution for general layout, not for fine grained
control of how specific State-boxes look like.

Best regards and let me know if you find something,

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