[metapost] No file 'mpx314.aux'

Joel Black jwblack at ozemail.com.au
Sun Nov 1 10:59:52 CET 2009

I have written a Venn diagram metapost file, which I successfully ran on Troy Henderson's metapost previewer while at work.

draw (0,0)--(200,0)--(200,160)--(0,160)--(0,0);
draw fullcircle scaled 80 shifted (80,80);
draw fullcircle scaled 80 shifted (120,80);
label.lrt (btex $\xi$ etex,(0,160));
label.lrt (btex $A$ etex, (40, 120));
label.llft (btex $B$ etex,(160,120));

However, now that I am working on it at home, the error message "no file 'mpx314.aux'" appears when I try to compile it.  I have tried it on my older system (Miktex 2.6 running on Vista) and on my laptop (Miktex 2.8 running on Vista Home Premium).  Actually, on the laptop I also get a popup telling me that "dvitomp.exe has stopped working" and directing me to the Windows update page.  Am I doing something silly, or is this a bug, or what?  Thanks kindly.

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