[metapost] wrong rightward arrow bounding box

Laurent Méhats laurent.mehats at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 19:10:30 CET 2009

Hans Hagen a écrit :
> On 23-12-2009 17:06, Laurent Méhats wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm getting a wrong bounding box for the cmr10 rightward arrow: the upper
>> part of the head lies outside. I've run manually mpto from Tex Live 2008
>> (mpost version 1.005) and indeed the rule to right is lower than the
>> arrow. Any idea where this might come from ?
> this is normal, just try to do the same in tex (drawing rules around the
> arrow)
> (1) a boundingbox of a glyph is seldom exact and wd/ht/dp are not always
> reflected in the bbox
> (2) math glyph often have special dimensions in order to get consistent
> math

Damn. Christmas truce, I'll wait until next year to fight fonts and glyphs
again ... Thanks anyway :)

Best regards,
Laurent Méhats

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