[metapost] Emebedding fonts from mp to eps conversion

Yogeshwarsing Calleecharan yogeshwarsing.calleecharan at ltu.se
Thu Dec 17 22:52:51 CET 2009

       Thanks. Yes I know about prologues:=3. I had much discussion here 
earlier when I was asking how to get the right mp / eps output from gnuplot.

So if I understand you well, if I use ps2pdf with the font embedding 
option set to true, then all the fonts that are in the eps pictures 
(from metapost) will have the fonts embedded as well?


On 12/17/2009 10:24 PM, Troy Henderson wrote:
> Use
> prologues:=3;
> and the resulting MetaPost output should be a standalone EPS graphic.
> You can then use epstopdf on this output to convert it to PDF.

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