[metapost] how to use mpstoeps on a Windows machine

Yogeshwarsing Calleecharan yogeshwarsing.calleecharan at ltu.se
Wed Dec 2 08:36:00 CET 2009

    Thanks for your comments and clarifications. I'm using gnuplot and
then I'm adding the prologues:=3 output to generate the eps. I try to
stick to the metapost output (figurename.number) in my LaTeX documents 
but sometimes when sharing a work, it's useful to have the eps also.

Thanks a lot.

Troy Henderson wrote:
> I guess since my name was mentioned specifically, I at least should
> say something.
> Yogeshwarsing,
> It is worth mentioning that my mpstoeps script was written prior to
> the "prologues:=3" and "filenametemplate" (or now "outputtemplate")
> options were available in MetaPost.  I no longer use my script now
> that these features are available directly in MetaPost.
> Troy Henderson
> --
> http://tug.org/metapost/

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