[metapost] Troubles to display text in a Metapost figure

Zdeněk Hurák hurak at fel.cvut.cz
Thu Oct 2 13:27:39 CEST 2008


as a beginner with Metapost, I am having troubles to use text labels in a
Metapost figure. The code is simple


The trouble is that the postscript generated using mpost gives no visible
text when viewed with gsview or kghostview. The source code for the
postscript is

%%BoundingBox: 17 24 26 32 
%%HiResBoundingBox: 17.87445 24.94255 25.34645 31.75035 
%%Creator: MetaPost 1.001
%%CreationDate: 2008.10.01:2100
%%Pages: 1
%*Font: cmr10 9.96265 9.96265 41:8
%%Page: 1 1
 0 0 0 setrgbcolor
17.87445 24.94255 moveto
(A) cmr10 9.96265 fshow

Apparently something is wrong because when I am trying to convert this to
PDF using epstopdf, I get an error message starting with
Error: /undefined in cmr10

I estimate that this must be related to missing or unlinked fonts. I have
the same problem on a Linux platform (Gentoo + Texlive) and Windows
platform (XP + Miktex) and therefore I would appreciate a systematic
solution, if possible.

Thanks for a hint.

Zdenek Hurak

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