[metapost] improving MetaPost documentation

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Sun Feb 17 23:02:56 CET 2008

Troy Henderson schrieb:

>> I think what is missing is a unified MetaPost show-case on top of
>> individual package documentation.  That is, tutorials that show
>> solutions to real world problems and not simple package
>> documentation with academic examples.
> When Karl asked me after PracticalTeX 2006 to take over maintenance of
> the MetaPost manual, this is what I envisioned that we was thinking
> about.  As such, I readily agreed.  However, it was soon clear that
> "maintenance" involved many aspects of MetaPost that I was not yet
> qualified to deal with.  That's why (if you've been wondering) you
> haven't heard many responses from me regarding the manual.

I'm not wondering.  I'm picking the parts I think I can handle, too. :)

>> How can we motivate the MetaPost community to tackle the documentation
>> problem?  Is there a documentation problem?
> With something like a wiki, users are naturally encouraged to add
> content.

A Wiki sounds good.

>  Perhaps if this is the way we want to go, then the wiki
> would initially only allow several of us to add content,

I think some notes about the usage of our Wiki would help attracting
contributors.  Since I have never actively worked on a Wiki before I
have two questions, for the time being:

*  What is the preferred way of communication in/on/by/with a Wiki?
*  What is the preferred way to render bitmap graphics with LaTeX, e.g.,
   formulae?  I know the preview package, but some step-by-step notes
   would be most welcome (not only for me, I guess).  On a second
   thought, did you do the obvious and render them by MetaPost + gs?
   Still worth noting. :)

> and once we establish the "direction" of the wiki, then we start
> opening it up to other users.

Well, I guess, most of the work to do before an 'official' start is to
assemble some "How can I contribute stuff?" notes/invitations.

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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