[metapost] uinsg z1, z2, ... in more than one macros caused 'Inconsistent equation'

Karel Horak horakk at math.cas.cz
Sun Sep 16 13:54:06 CEST 2007

Just say
  save x,y
and all temprorarily used pairs z in body of your 
definitions would be saved.

enjoy mp,
Karel Horak

Steven Woody napsal(a):
> hi,
> in my mp file, i defined two macros, say foo, bar,  using def ...
> enddef;   then in the main figure, i call foo followed by bar.  And, i
> used z1, z2 in both foo and bar as temporarily.  but the metapost
> reported "Inconsistent equation" when it processed in calling of bar.
> i think i need to make z1, z2 local in foo and bar respectively, but i
> failed, because "save z1, z2" will cause another errors.  what's the
> clue?
> thanks in advance.

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