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Dan Luecking luecking at uark.edu
Tue Sep 11 21:31:58 CEST 2007

At 02:46 AM 9/11/2007, José Carlos Santos wrote:

> >
> > thanks, i now got the point.  the question may need to be changed to
> > "how to change font in latext". i had did "\fontfamily{...}  in
> > verbatimtex .. etex.  but dont't know what is the right family name
> > for Tahoma.  maybe this question should not be discussed here.
>Didn't you read my previous reply? The right family name is "tahoma",
>as in:
>\fontfamily{tahoma}\selectfont Tahoma \normalfont \\
>but you will also have to load the winfonts package.

Actually, winfonts.sty is both unnecessary and insufficient.
The actual font files (tfm, map, vf and perhaps enc files) in
the winfonts bundle are necessary, as are the .fd files. Once
one has these, you can try
This should allow LaTeX to write the font name, with appropriate
metrics, to the temporary dvi file that metapost requires and allow
metapost to create at least a partial PS file. Since Tahoma is
typically a TrueType font, I don't think metapost will be able to
embed it in the PS output. That means one of two things:
1. Creating a type1 font (using ttf2pfb, perhaps) or
2. Whatever program processes the image, whether a viewer, printer,
    or distiller, would need to be able to handle the TrueType format
    and have the .ttf file where it can find it. For GS, this might
    require some configuration steps.
For both of these steps a .map file is required, but winfonts only
provides winfonts.map for the truetype font, and apparently expects
pdflatex to be used.


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