[metapost] Fwd: How to change label font

José Carlos Santos jcsantos at fc.up.pt
Tue Sep 11 09:46:54 CEST 2007

On 11-09-2007 8:24, Steven Woody wrote:

>>>>>>> In the manual, i got 'defaultfont' used to change font.  but i found
>>>>>>> it took no effects.  i guess this may caused by that i am using latex,
>>>>>>> that is i used following statements at beginning of a mp source:
>>>>>>> verbatimtex
>>>>>>> %&latex
>>>>>>> \documentclass{article}
>>>>>> \usepackage{ appropriate package for the font that you want }
>>>>>>> \begin{document}
>>>>>>> etex
>>>>>>> in this case, how can i change font?  thanks.
>>>>>> Aditya
>>>>> need extra packages to use fonts?  if what i want is tahoma, what page
>>>>> should i load? thanks.
>>>> See:
>>>> http://franz.kollmann.in/latex/latex.html#winfonts
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Jose Carlos Santos
>>>> --
>>>> http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/metapost
>>> i think you did not get my point.  i don't want to use any extra-font.
>>>  in latex, one can already change fonts even without anything such as
>>> winfonts, is it? i just want to change font, and Tahoma is a oridinary
>>> one for which i can find tfm files under my tex treee.  the problem
>>> is, when in metapost using latex as preprocessor, i found i can not
>>> change label font.
>> If you change defaultfont, metapost uses that when you ask it to
>> print a string:
>>      defaultfont="ptmr8a"; % TFM name for Times
>>      label("Text", (0,0)); % Will be in Times.
>> If you use TeX or LaTeX to set labels:
>>      label(btex Text", (0,0);
>> you get whatever font TeX or LaTeX has been instructed to use and
>> defaultfont is ignored. And quite properly, too. I certainly
>> wouldn't metapost to override my LaTeX font selections.
>> Is that clear enough?
> thanks, i now got the point.  the question may need to be changed to
> "how to change font in latext". i had did "\fontfamily{...}  in
> verbatimtex .. etex.  but dont't know what is the right family name
> for Tahoma.  maybe this question should not be discussed here.

Didn't you read my previous reply? The right family name is "tahoma",
as in:

\fontfamily{tahoma}\selectfont Tahoma \normalfont \\

but you will also have to load the winfonts package.

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Santos

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