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Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Wed May 16 01:13:56 CEST 2007

Dan Luecking schrieb:
> Some questions and comments, mostly unrelated to one another, about
> the documentation for MetaPost 1.000:

Thanks.  I'll try to comment on the issues that seem easiest to me. :)

> In the CHANGES file there is the statement for version 0.920 that it 
> implements a "marking only" color model. I have no idea what that 
> means and mpman for 1.000 doesn't mention it. What am I missing?

I guess that refers to the new primitive 'withoutcolor' (which is
missing from the index, BTW).
<URL:http://www.tug.org/metapost/articles/metapost2006.pdf> has a small
note about that.

> Section 5.1 discusses the 10 data types. The first sentence of 
> section 5.2 contains the phrase: "expressions of the nine basic
> types".

Section 5.2 need to be updated.  Version 1.000 introduced a new data
type 'cmykcolor' that is missing here.

> It would be useful to have a manual with hyperlinks in it. I don't 
> know if one is generally available, but I have compiled one for 
> myself and would be happy to make it available (latex source and 
> compiled pdf) if necessary.

That would really be a modernization.  (In contrast to what the v1.000
announcement claimed.  There have not really been many visible changes
to mpman v1.000.  At least pagination is now in sync with Adobe Reader
page numbering.)

Could you please send me the source or a patch (no pdf, please)?  I'll
try to update the manual for the next release.

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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