[metapost] NAPOLEON

Dirk Laurie dpl at sun.ac.za
Wed Dec 12 12:45:21 CET 2007

NAPOLEON is a MetaPost package for making geometry sketches given
a typical mathematical description.  For example, part of the 
NAPOLEON code for the mathematical text

  Circles $k_1$ and $k_2$ are drawn so that 
  $k_2$ passes through the centre of $k_1.$  
  The circles cut each other in points $A$ and $B.$  
  A third circle $k_3$ touches $k_1$ in $C$ and $k_2$ in $D$ 
  so that $k_1$ and $k_2$ are inside $k_3.$  
  $AB$ is extended to meet $k_3$ in $E$ and $F.$  
  The lines $DE$ and $DF$ cut $k_2$ respectively in $G$ and $H.$ 


  k3 = circumcircle (k1,k2,C); 
  A = cut(k2,k1); B = cut(k1,k2);
  D = cut(k2,O2--O3);
  E = cut(k3,A--B); F = cut(k3,B--A);
  G = cut(k2,E--D); H = cut(k2,F--D);

To find out more, download the README, documentation and source
code from  http://dip.sun.ac.za/~laurie/napoleon.

Dirk Laurie

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