[metapost] missing font warning on console

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Sun Apr 29 16:50:52 CEST 2007


if prologues is set to 2 or 3 and MetaPost can't find map files
mpost.map or pdftex.map it complains about a missing map file on the
console when compiling the attached file:

> Warning: module writet1 (file pdftex.map): cannot open font map file

The log file contains warnings about missing font resources:

> ! Warning: font cmr10 cannot be found in any fontmapfile!

Creating an empty file mpost.map in the working directory makes MetaPost
happy and the warning on the console disappears.  Still, it can't find
cmr10 for embedding the font into the output.  Unfortunately, it seems
the only way to get aware of this is by inspecting the log file (here
MetaPost v0.994).  What is the rationale for this?  I'd expect warnings
about missing font resources going to the console as well.  Otherwise I
had to look at the log file too often - just to be sure.

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

prologues := 3;
  label(btex A text with digits 1234 etex, origin);

PS:  The map file read by pdftex is called pdftex_dl14.map in the MiKTeX
distribution.  To solve the problem with missing font resources one has
to add the line

fontmapfile "pdftex_dl14.map"

in the MetaPost source file, currently.

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