[metapost] memory problem

Boguslaw Jackowski B_Jackowski at GUST.org.pl
Mon May 8 18:56:22 CEST 2006

> But this doesn't answer the slow solving of a large number
> of independent equations. I think we should work on a non-metaobj
> example and focus on it.

> Agreed. This is core functionality, and as such, its running time
> should be x^3. 
> make that:
>   should _not_ be x^3

Knuth applies ``the standard technique of Gaussian elimination''
to convert a system of equations to the diagonal form. The complexity
of this method is x^3. Is it possible ( practically, i.e., not
using tricks of the kind of Strassen's fast matrix multiplication,
http://mathworld.wolfram.com/StrassenFormulas.html ) to gain
a significant speed-up? Sorry for a silly question, but I'm not
``au courant'' with respect to recent advances in numerical




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