[metapost] How to make winedt recognise metapost

Wim W. Wilhelm wilhelm at euronet.nl
Fri Aug 4 17:05:37 CEST 2006

This created the same error message on my system Win XP
prologues := 2;

Endfig -> scantokens.extra_endfig: shipit:
Put somewhere an extra bginfig() 
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   I installed WinEdt5 containing Miktex 2.4 in a computer. Almost  everything went well, except that: 

  When I pressed mp foo.mp it created an empty foo.1, so I could not 
   proceed in getting the figure.

    The log report said: Emergency stop
    Endfig -> scantokens.extra_endfig: shipit:

    I am not used to the options provided by WinEdt team and I could not see
   from the Wizard how to proceed.

  I had a similar problem in a different computer and I succeeded to overcome it
  by doing two things: 

  In some configuration file, whose name I do not remember, I added
  "assign" to  GS version 8.11 (because that filed called assign GS to an earlier

  After that I pressed  some kind of update  taken from somewhere in  the Wizard. 

  I do not know why that worked, but  it did.  Can you advise  and tell me  the name of the metapost file in which "assign"  to GS  is  stated?

  Can you tell me which "update" forces winedt to recognize meatpost? 

  Let me add that in the computer that works, I can only process the metapost
  file via the path:  mp to foo.ps -> TeX using  epsf -> dvi to ps -> dvi to pdf.
  Using Tex to pdf directly, or dvi 2 pdf does not work.  Obviously something is wrong in my 


   Michael Maschler

    I am using Ghostscript gs8.11 in C:\gs and Ghost view in
   c:\Ghostgum\gsview\gvwgs32.exe, version 4.5.

  Note my additional mailing address.


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