[metapost] MPtoPDF, again

Mau mvs1952 at yahoo.it
Mon Oct 3 14:24:39 CEST 2005

As I mentioned in a previous message MPtoPDF  is no longer working 
(under MikTex).

I posted on the MikTeX-related Mailing List about this and I got the 
following reply:
(I hope this will help people with the same problem. I haven't tried 
this solution yet.)


 > It seems that MPtoPDF which I always used to convert MetaPost output
 > to PDF no longer works. Until July I didn't have
 >... a parameter for the
 > current mp file I have open).
 > I suspect a problem with a recent upgrade of MPtoPDF (version 1.3?)

OK, I have looked into this and found the bug:

pdftex accepts the "-fmt" switch, while pdfetex accepts the "-undump"
switch. So in "texmf\scripts\context\perl\mptopdf.pl change"

       { if ($miktex)
           { $command = "pdfetex -fmt=mptopdf" }

       { if ($miktex)
           { $command = "pdfetex -undump=mptopdf" }

(It's an open question whether this should be seens as a bug in
pdfetex or in mptopdf.pl ...)

In addition you might want to change

for  miktex  set  MpToTeXExecutable to  mptotex


for  miktex  set  MpToTeXExecutable to  mpto

in "texmf\context\config\texexec.ini". (It will work without.)

If you could report this bug on the MiKTeX bug tracker I would be very
happy - I don't really have time (after having spent some time on
finding the bug). Go to:


PS! You don't have to convert MetaPost PostScript to PDF - pdflatex is
capable of reading it. Just rename the MetaPost PostScript files so
they use the mps extension and include the figures (when using
pdflatex) with



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