[metapost] groff labels

Michail Vidiassov master at iaas.msu.ru
Tue Nov 15 21:09:47 CET 2005

Dear All,

is there a public interest in revival
of labels typeset by troff?

As of now (teTeX 3) it is possible to typeset labels with groff,
but only purely ascii ones, since groff uses some propriate
reencoding of fonts and transformed fonts.
To allow use of non-ascii chars (including math ones),
tfm files in groff encoding are to be supplied and
font reencoding commands need to be included in the preamble of
postscript output.

I have somewhat working setup.
Groff labels look for me a good way to get "TeX fonts free"
eps files for use out of TeX world and for quick previews.

         Sincerely, Michail
PS. What is the troff directory in metapost-0.9 for?
It seems to have some support files for some non-GNU
troff implementation, since fonts, mentioned in trfonts.map
are not the same as the default groff set.

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