[metapost] Rovenskii

Fri Feb 18 11:51:00 CET 2005

Taco and others write:

>> I don't currently have any particular desire to do anything with, say,
>> 100-dimensional points, but 4D is definitely desirable, and perhaps
>  > other n <= 10.
> Why (when) would a drawing program need more spatial dimensions than
> the human brain can handle? I can see the point of 3D, but more?
>> If the Megapost developers don't mind my voicing an
>> opinion, I think it would be nice if it were to have this
>> functionality.

Many years ago I was an assistent to Professor Stefan Bergman
who was doing research on functions of several complex variables.
In particular --- two complex variables.

His research required him to "see" 4-dimensional objects. The way
he succeeded in doing this was to make one axis a "time axis".
Thus, for example, he drew a 4-dimensional ball as a sequence of
balls of various sizes, starting sith a point and gradually increasing
in size until a mximal is drawn then decreasing gradually the size
until one reaches a point again.  I hope this may help any one who wants
to "see" more dimensions.


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