[metapost] re: Classification of cubic curves.

Larry Siebenmann laurent at math.toronto.edu
Wed Feb 9 14:49:33 CET 2005

Hi all,

 > Here is a document that has a lot of the information already
 > mentioned here on the subject:
 > http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=77055.77056
 > I don't know if this page is free to everyone, or requires
 > some sort of membership in the ACM (I believe we have an
 > institutional membership).

The specific page is accessible without institutional
privilege. Better, some search facilities at
http://portal.acm.org are freely accessible and lead to the
above. But as expected, full text is not accessible.

     Additionally, my notes reveal that a couple of years
ago, I encountered a 1928 reference to an ambitious
orthogonal classification of *implicit* cubic loci:

==> Burington, R. S. and Holt, H. K. ``Canonical forms of
plane cubic curves under euclidean transformations'',
Annals of Math., 30(1928),  51-60.

But I do not recall ever laying my hands on the article,
and even its existence slipped my mind.

Laurent S.

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